New Photos of Upcoming Standard Heads


Volks Dreamy DD Blog released new photos of the upcoming standard heads, HDD-05, HDD-06 Magical Ruby Version, and HDD-07! They are all a bunch of cuties I’d love to own!

HDD-05 is the same head sculpt as the previously limited Sirius DD. All those that have been dreaming of getting the Sirius head can now have a chance at getting them as standard models! For those in the USA, they can pursue it by purchasing Volks News Vol. 50 and entering the lottery at VolksUSA. With the purchase of Volume 50, they can also enter for the Magical Ruby head.

The Magical Ruby head is a major heart-melter for me! HDD-06 has always been one of my favorite standard heads but she’s absolutely adorable with this new faceup that seems so determined and full of justice! But I can also tell she’s got a very naughty side as well, don’t let her trick you on Halloween!

After seeing today’s new photos of HDD-07, I’m absolutely sure that I want her. She reminds me of the Type Moon character, Saber– even more than her original DD! She has always been one of my favorite characters, to the point where I’ve cosplayed her before… that I simply cannot miss out on this beautiful head! The look is very stern yet elegant, the extremely popular Tsundere girlfriend…

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