DD’s New Semi-White Skin

With the arrival of KOS-MOS coming sooner, Volks has recently announced her skin color as semi-white. Semi-white? That’s right, it’s a completely new skin color. As I heard this, one of my top concerns were looking for doll parts in this new skin color. We wouldn’t want this to be another tanned DD issue where we couldn’t get optional parts for them…

In the photo posted above, the semi-white c0lor is shown rather nicely between DD white skin and DD normal skin. It almost makes the normal skin looks tanned. If anyone is like me, I really like lighter skin colors because it looks very milky and soft. This semi-white seems very tempting!

To my discovery this morning, Volks has announced in their blog that the color will not be limited to KOS-MOS only. This new semi-white skin color will become a standard color for Dollfie Dreams along with the current white and normal skin color. (Although white skin parts for MDDs are still unavailable…) Therefore, finding optional parts for KOS-MOS in the near future should not be a problem!

This is great news! Makes my probability of  purchasing KOS-MOS much, much higher.

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