Dolpa 28’s Aoko and Melty

Dolpa 28 releases has been announced! The two Dollfie Dream releases are DD Aoko and DDS Melty!


Aoko Aozaki from Mahōtsukai no Yoru will be a limited DD sold at 56,700Y (Approx. $705 USD).
She is a Normal Skin DDIII body with L bust.
Her uniform is also being sold at 9870Y (Approx. $125 USD).


Melty from Shining Hearts will be a limited DDS sold at 64050Y (Approx. $800 USD).
She is a Normal Skin DDS one-torso body with M bust.

I’m going to predict that both of these are going to be very, very popular as a there are a lot of Type-Moon and Shining Hearts fans out there. This is a great Volks Christmas present for us, even if our wallets probably don’t think the same way…

I will be pursuing both of them, for Aoko Aozaki’s character and Melty’s head sculpt with elf ears!
A lot of people have said Aoko’s sculpt is too much like Rin Tohsaka or the new HDD-07 head…

What do you guys think?

The 07 definitely looks very similar but Aoko has a slightly sweeter face shape but the eyes and lips are almost the same!
Rin on the other hand also has the slanted eyes but I feel her sculpt is a lot younger looking. When compared between these pictures, Rin looks 14 while Aoko and 07 looks around 18.

I’m still a big fan of the 07, hopefully I’ll be able to get both!

Good luck to everyone that are going to enter these lotteries, I hope they will also have stock in VolksUSA!

images via [ここはまだ夢の世界]

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