Sakura Shinguji arrives!

This cute little girl arrived to me this week and I haven’t had a chance to open her until yesterday because of all the Thanksgiving festivities going on! 

I don’t have any photos yet but my initial worry was definitely the face. According to a lot of user photos online, there’s a huge turtle lip issue going on. In real life though, it’s not nearly as apparent, perhaps it only comes out for photos.

The eyes are a very bright, intense orange. Even though, it claims to be 22mm eyes, they seem much smaller than that on the head. It could be because I have a lot of characters that can fit 24mm eyes. 

Overall, I’m glad that she came in and her turtle lips are not so bad. I may end up replacing the eyes because I don’t really have anything to match such intense colors! They’re very pretty though. 🙂 She’s lined up to have a face up by Hikaru!

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