Christmas Family Photo Part 1


Last night, I spent my entire night dressing up all my girls to get ready for the Christmas photo shoot! Here is a test shot for where the camera needed to be at. They’re all in red, a brilliant color! 

The next part is to set up a background. I’m still not sure if I want it to be all wintery white or Christmas-y red but I know I’m gonna decorate the hell out of it! Unfortunately, not all the girls were able to join in the Christmas photo because of my lack of bodies but maybe I can swap out the heads and make a second photos for the rest of them! (If time permits…)

Left to right, back row: Raven (Beatrice), Alice (06), Saber, Rise, Mariko, Sakuya, Hoshi (Miki)
Left to right, front row: Cirno, Noumi

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