My Dollfie Art Shoppe

While I’ve been pretty unproductive in my blog postings, I’ve been pretty busy lately! I’ve started a dollfie art commission store over on the Dollfie Dreams Forums.

I’ve drawn for many years before I started working and going to college, but my skills have slowly deteriorated over the years from lack of practice! I thought, “Why not practice and put my services to the at the same time?” I personally love my models to be pretty and cute so I think DDs are perfect for me to draw.

Over the short few (five) days I’ve opened up shop, I’ve had the honor to draw eight different girls already. They’re all super fun and beautiful, I can’t wait to experience the pleasure to draw more different types of girls!

I’m not charging crazy prices, in fact, it’s much less than what I can be making compared to work per hour but I think it’s fun and a good way to get in touch with the community, offering services for something affordable since our girls already cost so much!

Hopefully the store will continue to go strong as time moves on. 🙂

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