My Girls

A page filled with oodles of information about each of my girls! As I accumulate more and more daughters, it was getting hard to remember all of this. Luckily, this handy page will help me demystify each of my precious little ones. 🙂



Noumi, Cirno, Konomi


SWS Mariko, Akira (1st),  WS Mariko, WS Mariko Custom by x3Ashley, Melty , Alice custom by Freya_21, Chihaya, Miki, Momo custom by Freya_21, Millhiore, Makoto, Yukiho, Ranko, Marisa, Rin Kagamine


Miku, Snow Miku, Yaya, Aoko, SWS Lucy, Shining Blade Sakuya, Sakura S., Saber Extra, Rise, Saber Alter (2nd), Saber Lily, Beatrice, Sakura M. custom by Subaru, Mio, Rina, Yuki M., Alisa (1st), Sheryl, Rin Tohsaka (2nd)


Miko, Sasara (2nd)


Magical Ruby, Alice : Volks Prepainted NS 06, Volks Prepainted NS 06 – Wendy : Volks Prepainted SWS 06,  Sen : Custom NS 06 by Chien, Kaylee : Custom NS 06 by Chiseen, Adeline : Custom SWS 06 by Subaru


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