Dolpa 28’s Aoko and Melty

Dolpa 28 releases has been announced! The two Dollfie Dream releases are DD Aoko and DDS Melty!     Aoko Aozaki from Mahōtsukai no Yoru will be a limited DD sold at 56,700Y (Approx. $705 USD). She is a Normal Skin DDIII body with L bust. Her uniform is also being sold at 9870Y (Approx. $125 USD).    Melty from Shining Hearts will be… Continue reading Dolpa 28’s Aoko and Melty

New Photos of Upcoming Standard Heads

  Volks Dreamy DD Blog released new photos of the upcoming standard heads, HDD-05, HDD-06 Magical Ruby Version, and HDD-07! They are all a bunch of cuties I’d love to own! HDD-05 is the same head sculpt as the previously limited Sirius DD. All those that have been dreaming of getting the Sirius head can… Continue reading New Photos of Upcoming Standard Heads

Girls’ Photos Updated!

My girls finally got their profile pictures on the page about them! About time too, I haven’t had the chance to their pretty face to the world. 🙂 Still missing a decent photo of Raven but hopefully I will get to that soon!

Cirno in Canada

My dear little Cirno is in Canada with thebobness right now. She’s on a floppy ankle-syndromed MDD body and Miss Laura is going to fix her right up. Lucky Cirno will be able to attend the Toronto doll meet while she’s up there so I’ll get to see pictures of her great adventures! She’s be nice and cozy in her White Bunny… Continue reading Cirno in Canada