Updated List

Added new profile pictures on “My Girls” page. Some were long overdue!

And a few still needs better pictures before I can add them!

Lost for Melty and Aoko

As a matter of fact, many of usI’m the USA lost the lottery for Melty and Aoko. It seems according to the Dollfie Dream Forums that the EU participants had the highest chance of winning the two girls. Perhaps Volks is waiting to surprise us during their click wars in Saturday but whatever the case, I wish all those that did not win to get their girls at this final, official chance.

Merry Christmas! ~From my family to yours!

I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holiday season!
At midnight, I got presents from my family. Including a new bathrobe and a coach leather card holder for my bus pass.🙂

Merry Christmas fro my Family!

More Christmas photos on my Flickr photostream!

My dollfie girls are all lined up this morning to greet me a Merry Merry Christmas!
They’ve all already gotten their new red and winter clothing for Christmas, I hope they’ll wear them more than just this occasion though- they look adorable in their new clothes!

The photo set up took some time because I apparently don’t have enough space, hence the weird looking background! But I really like how the fabric wraps around my girls ad the extra flowers I added in there.😀
The favorite part is the glitter silver fabric on the ground, it reminded me of snow- something we don’t have here in San Francisco. I wonder what  White Christmas is like?

We all wish you a Merry Christmas!❤

Top: Mariko, Raven (Beato), Rise, Hoshi (Miki), Biscotti (Millhiore)
Bottom: Cirno, Saber (Extra), Sakuya, Noumi

My Dollfie Art Shoppe

While I’ve been pretty unproductive in my blog postings, I’ve been pretty busy lately! I’ve started a dollfie art commission store over on the Dollfie Dreams Forums.

I’ve drawn for many years before I started working and going to college, but my skills have slowly deteriorated over the years from lack of practice! I thought, “Why not practice and put my services to the at the same time?” I personally love my models to be pretty and cute so I think DDs are perfect for me to draw.

Over the short few (five) days I’ve opened up shop, I’ve had the honor to draw eight different girls already. They’re all super fun and beautiful, I can’t wait to experience the pleasure to draw more different types of girls!

I’m not charging crazy prices, in fact, it’s much less than what I can be making compared to work per hour but I think it’s fun and a good way to get in touch with the community, offering services for something affordable since our girls already cost so much!

Hopefully the store will continue to go strong as time moves on.🙂

September Loot!

September Loot

My box of goodies arrived today from VolksUSA for the Tenshi-no-Sumika Fair 2012 and September 2012 Collection Sale!
I only got a few things this time but I love the ones I chose!

I got the Asterisk Sailor Corset Set and the Lady Sailor Cardigan Set. They’re both very tasteful and enjoy their styles.
Also got two white body stockings just in case! They’re super handy and they look cute with a lot of outfits.

Who will be wearing the new sets? Well, we’ll just have to find out later!😉